We understand how important your hair is to your overall wellbeing and happiness with your look. We want you to leave our salon looking and feeling your best and thats why we put our consultation at the heart of everything we do.

Our stylists will take your favourite elements from a haircut to craft a beautifully tailor-made cut that will make you feel the best version of yourself, whilst giving you the best advice on how to manage your hair at home.

With such a wide range of colour trends available, our colour team act as your very own image consultants; they will evaluate your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour as well as your features and lifestyle not only to guide you to your perfect hair colour, but to advise you on which products will help you to maintain this look at home.

Our tiered price structure reflects each stylists individual knowledge, expertise and experience.

Low Commitment - Your Flirt with Colour


Deigned to help you customise your lightening colour service and to keep your colour looking fresh between longer appointments. A toner is temporary and lasts better on well looked after good conditioned hair.

Semi Permanent Colour on Wet Hair:

Great for blending early signs of grey, adding depth, richness to compliment your natural hair. This colour will softly start to fade and grow out in unison, usually leaving behind a barely visible regrowth.

True Grey:

An amazing grey treatment effect to your grey hair. Cutting edge Wella technology has developed this amazing service to add a special touch to your grey hair.

Medium Commitment - You're Exclusive


Want to seem like you've spent a week in Barbados but without the time and cost? Traditional highlights add a bespoke blend of colours to achieve texture and interest to your name.

Baby Lights:

Super fine highlights to give a volume of colour through the hair but without that high contrast, regrowth can be more or less noticeable depending on the natural colour.


Ribbons of beautiful blended light colour through darker base of natural or coloured hair. Perfect for someone who wears their hair curly or waves their hair. With balayage being completely customisable, we can create a look that will work for you life to add light and depth to define how you wear your hair and contour your face shape.


If you want that lived-in sunkissed blonde look, Illuminage is your answer. Similar to balayage with its sweeping colour placement to give a seamless blended look, but toned with our premium colour line illumina which helps enhance the highs and lows in the hair creating a totally bespoke look.

Ultimate Commitment - The Perfect Marriage

Root Tint:

Whether you're aiming to cover your grey, lighten / darken your hair all over or achieve a fashion copper this is the service to top you up. 

Full Head Tint:

Always a must for your first application of a new whole head colour or when you have maxed out your fade, to make sure we achieve a colour balance.

Scalp Bleach:

This service is not for the faint hearted, only for bold blondes who can keep up with appointments 6-8 weeks apart. To achieve anything from an icy silver, a scandi baby blonde or as a base for candy pink to name a few.

Color Fresh Mask - Golden Gloss
Color Fresh Mask - Pearl Blonde
Color Fresh Mask - Chocolate Touch
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The Hair Spa Range


The treatment for everyone, wellaplex offers restructuring technology to bring the life back to your hair. As the treatment works on elasticity rather than softening, it doesn’t weigh down your hair meaning it’s perfect for all hair types. Whether it’s coloured, heat treated or needs resurrecting this is the one for you and can be maintained at home with a follow up wellaplex mask.

Blondorplex/in colour plex:

This treatment combines everything offered in the wellaplex treatment but with the convenience of the first half having been premixed into the colour. Blondorplex is a revolutionary bleaching product, great for every highlight appointment all the way up to colour correction. In colour plex can be used for daring brunettes, radiant reds and everything between!

Elastic Force:

For the time conscious client. Completed at the basin, giving all the benefits of the treatment but within 30 seconds. Lasts for one wash but can be maintained at home with the same amazing product.


Wella system professions intense mask or emulsion treatment including head massage at the basin. A great way to try before you buy a mask for home.


A combination of the solo plus a unique in salon infusion. This treatment includes a head massage at your seat, 5-10 mins with the heater to help open the cuticle and allow the treatment to penetrate into the hair while tackling two different hair concerns.


Perfect hair rehab, the combo eliminates 3 hair concerns and includes an extended head massage and 10 mins under the heater. A thorough consultation with your stylist will ensure the correct mask, emulsion and infusion are used to make your hair feel incredible. 


Once you try this treatment your life is changed forever. Keratin has been used in the salon since 2015 and is your ticket to frizz free hair. Suitable for multiple hair types, this conditioning treatment lasts up to 12 weeks and requires prescribed home care.