hair removal treatments


Forget the hassle of shaving, or using messy, smelly creams. Waxing will help keep you smooth and hair free for up to six weeks at a time. Although this may not be one of our most relaxing treatments, waxing is one of those beauty essentials.

Whether it’s a quick eyebrow tidy or a full leg and bikini wax we aim to make this as comfortable as possible for you, using the best quality wax and aftercare products.

We use warm honey wax which contains the purist refined ingredients for a smooth application to minimise the discomfort of waxing. All our highly skilled therapists will give you the best waxing service available. (D) (RM) (THY) (P3) (VAC48)

Brazilian & Hollywood Bikini Wax

The wonderfully clean and super silky feeling from a Brazilian or Hollywood wax is something every woman deserves.

The basic bikini wax only removes the hair that is visible outside your normal underwear, a high bikini wax goes a little further across. In contrast, Brazilian bikini waxing removes hair from the front, back and everywhere in between, leaving only a thin strip. A Hollywood wax removes all the hair - perfect for the beach. The results from a Brazilian or Hollywood wax may last between three to six weeks depending on your hair regrowth rate.

Our Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are all carried out using fresh hot wax. (D) (RM) (THY) (P3) (VAC48)

BEFORE YOUR BIKINI WAX TREATMENT: Please ensure that you have showered prior to your appointment and that the hair is approximately 1cm in length all over. If the hair is longer than this you should trim it at home beforehand. If the hair is too long or too short we may not be able to carry out the appointment and there may be a cancellation charge. 



Guide to Contra-Indications

(C) Cancer

(P) Pregnancy

(RM) Restricted Mobility

(D) Diabetes

(16+) Not suitable for under 16's

(HM) Heart Medication

(WV) Warts / Verruca

(F) Fungal nail infection

(A) Antibiotics

(CJ) Conjunctivitis

(CS) Cold Sores

(E) Epilepsy

(PM) Pacemaker

(TH) Thrombosis / Phlebitis

(THY) Thyroid Problems 

(VAC48) Vaccine in the last 48 hours

(VAC14) Vaccine in the last 14 days